Advanced Clean Power Technologies – Deadline: May 5, 2015

By | February 17, 2015


Issued by NYSERDA
Opportunity Website PON 2942
Type Funding Opportunity
Deadline May 5, 2015


NYSERDA seeks proposals to develop and demonstrate innovative renewable and other advanced clean power technologies, develop and demonstrate technologies that improve performance, or address and overcome specific barriers thwarting increased adoption of Eligible Technologies (see more detailed descriptions of Project Categories and Eligible Technologies in Sections II and III). All, or none, of the available funds may be allocated. A summary of category descriptions follows:

Funding: Two solicitation rounds are scheduled and total available funding is $19,500,000. All, or none, of the available funds may be awarded in any round.

Category ‘A’ – [A.1]Early-Stage Product Development (beyond basic research), [A.2] Demonstration Feasibility Assessments, and [A.3] Technology Facilitation projects: (a) Early-stage product development of Eligible Technologies that is development beyond basic research needed to prove technical and market feasibility with barriers and problems identified, or (b) Demonstration feasibility assessments that reveal the benefits and perceived hurdles associated with scaled demonstration of new or under-utilized eligible technologies at a specific New York site, or (c) Technology facilitation projects that identify and reduce market barriers facing commercialization or use of Eligible Technologies. Maximum NYSERDA funding for this Category is $200,000 per project. Minimum cost sharing is 25% for those proposals requesting $75,000 or less, and 50% for all other projects.

Category ‘B’ – Product Development: Development of Eligible Technologies leading to the commercialization of products manufactured in New York State. There is NO NYSERDA funding cap for this category, however Category B projects requesting over $500,000 must be phased with no phase exceeding the greater of $500,000 or 20% of the NYSERDA funding request. Cost sharing for these projects is 50%.

Category ‘C’ – Demonstration Projects: Innovative demonstrations of under-utilized Eligible Technologies that are near the commercial stage, demonstrate application opportunities, and lead to increased use of the technology in New York State. Maximum NYSERDA funding for this category is $750,000 per project. Cost sharing for these projects is 50%.