US DOE FCTO and ARPA – E Investments in Hydrogen Technology Advancements

By | August 23, 2017

Electrochemical technologies will play a vital role in developing sustainable processes and infrastructure for energy storage, transportation, and manufacturing. Hydrogen, produced by electrolysis, can serve as a vehicle fuel, is a chemical feedstock for ammonia generation and other industrial processes, and is required for conversion of carbon dioxide to higher value chemicals. In addition, hydrogen for advanced energy storage can play a key role in modernizing our nation’s electricity grid to enable the integration of renewable energy, improve operating capabilities, enhance reliability, allow deferral of infrastructure investments, and provide backup power during emergencies. 

Government support and investment in research and development efforts have been critical to the advancement of electrochemical technologies in the marketplace. Proton OnSite has been involved in several US DOE FCTO and ARPA-E-supported programs that have yielded several advancements in hydrogen technology, including electrolysis, flow batteries, and carbon dioxide capture and conversion to ammonia generation. 

This presentation provided an overview of investments made by the Federal government through the US DOE’s FCTO and ARPA-E that have led to hydrogen solutions for advanced energy storage, with an emphasis on hydrogen-iron flow batteries. 

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