Energy Storage & Microgrids- Innovation in the Electricity Sector

By | April 17, 2017


On-site batteries and power control systems, cost trends, and the rise of a robust electric vehicle and infrastructure market will impact how Northeast developers, utilities, and customers develop and operate energy storage systems and microgrids for variable generation. Many types of emerging technologies are already being developed and deployed to meet the demand for energy storage, smart grid, and microgrid solutions. 

E2Tech, the Hydrogen Energy Center (HEC), and the Northeast Electrochemical Energy Storage Cluster (NEESC) teamed up to examine the innovative design, operational planning, and market implications of these technologies and how the Northeast should be accelerating their adoption and deployment to improve energy security and reliability while protecting the environment.

Speakers working everyday on the leading edge of energy innovation in energy storage and microgrids, included:

Melissa Chan, Ph.D., Modern Grid Partners – Dr. Chan is the Senior Consultant of Energy Technology Innovation and has over 10 years’ experience working on clean tech strategy for utilities, municipalities, and regulators. She advises smart grid, microgrid, and energy of internet of things (EIoT) projects that increase system efficiency while offering more options for end-user energy management and renewable resource adoption. 

Steve Strong, Solar Design Associates – Solar Design Associates, founded at the dawn of the solar age in 1977, offers engineering and design services that creatively integrate renewable energy systems into buildings and utility infrastructure in New England, nationwide, and around the world. Steve will be presenting SDA’s work on solar/storage microgrids, including their recently completed solar/storage microgrid on Cuttyhunk Island in Massachusetts, integrating a 321 solar system with a lithium-ion battery system.

Stephen Szymanski, Proton OnSite – Proton OnSite designs and manufactures PEM electrolyzers for customers in 67 countries on 7 continents, for applications including hydrogen fueling, energy storage, turbine cooling, the laboratory market, the semi-conductor market, metal fabricating, military applications, and meteorological applications. Steve will be speaking about power-to-gas applications including the first power-to-gas installation in North America at the University of California Irvine.