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Green Technologies Suppliers Meetings
Starts: 8:00 am
Ends: November 19, 2015 - 5:00 pm
Location: Washington State Convention Center, 800 Convention Place, Seattle, WA 98101, United States

Fleet Technology EXPO

Organized By: Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy
When: August 27-28, 2015
Location: Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California

Fleet Technology Expo is a new event that is an expanded and revamped Green Fleet Conference & Expo, brought to you by the publishers of Automotive Fleet, Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT), Green Fleet and Work Truck and is designed for fleets across industries looking to improve operational efficiencies. Educational sessions include strategies on reducing fuel use and maintenance costs to optimizing fleet software and data to alternative-fuel adoption. With additional sessions focused on emerging technologies, a huge Ride & Drive Event and an expo hall with the latest vehicles, equipment, software and other tools, Fleet Technology Expo provides attendees the means for smart and efficient fleet management.

Educational tracks include:

  • Maintaining and Adopting Alternative Fuels
  • Maximizing Data for Efficient Fleet Management.
  • Making Every Mile and Component Count.

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Organized By: Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy
When: August 27-28, 2015
Location: Denver, Colorado

This workshop will convene leading experts in electrochemistry, catalysis (hydrogenation and dehydrogenation), fuel cells and electrolyzers, organic synthesis and fuels to identify innovative research paths forward for the development of disruptive technologies that can bridge renewable energy production and transportation fuels and significantly reduce the cost of energy transportation from remote locations to consumers using energy dense liquid fuels. Participants will lend their expertise to help set energy efficiency and cost targets that will define a successful research program and explore possibly technology pathways.

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The Business of Energy Storage

Organized By: Northeast Electrochemical Energy Storage Cluster (NEESC) and Western New England University (WNE)
When: October 15, 2015 | 8:30AM to 1:45PM
Location: Western New England University

The Northeast Electrochemical Energy Storage Cluster and Western New England University are pleased to host an energy storage forum that will bring together key stakeholders in the electrochemical energy storage industry. ThisForum will focus on the potential markets for electrochemical energy storage systems and opportunities for the their integration with renewable energy sources and electric and gas utilities.

This event will feature a dynamic “Matchmaking” session with one-on-one meetings between OEMs and potential suppliers. In addition, businesses will have an opportunity to meet with utilities, and federal, state, and regional resources.

Why should you attend?

  • Learn about market opportunities for electrochemical energy technologies
  • Network with industry stakeholders
  • Connect with potential buyers
  • Discover new trends in the electrochemical energy storage industry
  • Gain a better understanding of the supply chain and regional competitors

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2015 Fuel Cell Seminar and Energy Exposition

Organized By: Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association
When: November 16-19, 2015
Location: Los Angeles, California at the Weston Bonaventure

The Fuel Cell Seminar features the latest fuel cell and hydrogen products, technical and market research, policy updates and commercialization strategies for all applications and market sectors.  The Fuel Cell Seminar is the foremost event in the U.S. for networking with industry representatives, customers, stakeholders and decision makers interested in the clean, reliable, resilient power potential of fuel cells. The Connecticut Hydrogen Fuel Cell Coalition and some of its members will exhibit at the Exposition.

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Green Technologies Suppliers Meetings

Organized By: Advanced Business Events
When: November 17-19, 2015
Location: Seattle, WA

This business to business event will feature a one day conference on current and future perspectives in the Clean energy sector. Speakers from State and Federal level will be focusing on policy, industry players will focus on how to create and increase business, and foreign guests will speak on their potential needs for US technology. Following this speaking session, several pre-arranged business to business meetings will take place over the next two days for the supply chain, procurement officials, technical teams, suppliers and contract manufacturers.

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Upcoming Webinars


Fuel Cells for Education Hydrogen and Fuel Cells for Resilient Power

Organized By: The Northeast Electrochemical and Energy Storage Cluster
When: October 7, 2015 | 2PM – 3PM ET

Colleges and universities have facilities for students, faculty, administration, and maintenance crews that typically include dormatories, cafeterias, gyms, libraries, and athletic departments. Furthemore, schools that house swimming pools on campus are more attractive applications for fuel cells because it increases the utilization of both the electrical and thermal output offered by the technology. In the event of a grid power failure, educational institutions, such as high schools, may be used as emergency shelters. Schools may use fuel cells as an educational learning opportunity. Webinar participants will learn about the technical and economic advantages of using fuel cell technologies as a solution for providing reliable, resilient power to educational facilities, such as colleges, universities, and high schools. Presenters will include Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Hamden High School, and Doosan Fuel Cells America.

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