Fuel Cells for Inpatient Healthcare and Lodging: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells for Resilient Power (Webinar)

By | June 10, 2014

Recent weather events in the Northeast including Hurricane Irene (2011), the Nor’easter snowstorm (2011), Superstorm Sandy (2012), and Blizzard Nemo (2013), have emphasized the need for clean, reliable, baseload distributed generation located at mission critical facilities to maintain power when the grid is not available due to storm damage.   Fuel cells have demonstrated their availability and reliability to maintain critical functions for hospitals and hotels.  Reliable, sustained, off-grid power is especially important for the healthcare and hospitality industry, which can also benefit from their quiet operation, modest space requirements, reduced energy cost volatility, and lower emission.

 Northeast Electrochemical Energy Storage Cluster


Kurt GoddardFuelCell Energy Inc.
Robert Falaguerra & Joe Greenier, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center


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