In Memoriam

By | December 18, 2015

State Representative Terry Backer was elected to the Connecticut House of Representatives in 1993 from the 121st Assembly District in Stratford. Rep. Backer, also known as the Long Island “Soundkeeper”, served in numerous positions in the legislature, including Vice Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, Chairman of the Energy and Technology Committee, Assistant Majority Leader and Assistant Majority Whip. During his tenure as Chairman Rep Backerof the Energy and Technology Committee (2002-2003), Backer authored legislation that refined Connecticut’s 1998 Electric Deregulation and Restructuring law and improved the components about environmental and renewable energy. Rep. Backer focused on renewable energy and energy security. Rep. Backer had a vision for Connecticut’s clean energy future that included fuel cell technology manufactured here in Connecticut. He supported numerous policies to encourage the development, manufacture, and use of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.  As a member of the Environment Committee, Rep. Backer focused his activities on water quality improvements, reduction of pollution from storm water runoff, and protection of Long Island Sound.