Financial Counseling

NEESC has identified the most active investors, catalogued the stages of more than two dozen OEMs and major suppliers in the Northeast for hydrogen and fuel cell technology, and summarized their stages of commercial market readiness or adoption. The challenge for many of these companies has been to demonstrate market readiness and connecting them with the most appropriate customers and funding sources.

Specific tasks includes, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining a clearinghouse of financial/business development opportunities, including loans, tax credits, project financing, strategic investors, venture capital, infrastructure and solicitations from government and private sources;
  • Identifing pre-proposal, proposal, and grant opportunities relevant to NEESC members;
  • Assisting NEESC members through the provision of information and the formation of potential partnerships between small businesses and government, academia, and other non-governmental agencies to respond to SBIR solicitations, private requests for proposals, and other state and federal funding opportunity announcements.
  • Providing NEESC members with assistance for business planning and development, including critiquing their business plans, working with them on accelerating commercial readiness; and introducing them to potential investors; and
  • Developing events focused on financing for hydrogen and fuel cell companies to connect businesses with potential capital sources, e.g. investors, banks, government agencies; create opportunities for investors and companies to meet; and educate investors about hydrogen and fuel cell technology.