Market Development

Hydrogen and fuel cell projects are becoming increasingly popular throughout the Northeast region.  However, many end users that would benefit greatly from the use of clean, high efficiency technology for energy production may be unaware and unfamiliar with hydrogen and fuel cell technology. Increased demand for hydrogen and fuel cell technology will increase production and create jobs throughout the supply chain.  As deployment increases, production will increase and manufacturing costs will decline. The goal is for hydrogen and fuel cell technology to be in a position to then compete in a global market without incentives.

What we do:

  • Coordinate stakeholders to develop and actively support a program that would promote the coordinated deployment of hydrogen refueling infrastructure and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) in the Northeast;
  • Identify potential revenue streams, characterized by key market drivers, opportunities for development, and end use objectives;
  • Review and updating industry profiles for market niches;
  • Develop strategies for potential removal and/or management of non-technical barriers for progressive development, reduced costs, and increased competitiveness; and
  • Develop regional forums to educate policy makers regarding hydrogen and fuel cell technology, and potential policies and incentives that can be coordinated regionally to support the deployment of these technologies.