2016 State Monographs

The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Development Plans (“Roadmaps”) developed for New York, New Jersey and each of the states in New England have been summarized into single page monographs (one for each state). The summaries focus on economic impact, current electric power generation, and target assessment.

Economic impact is defined as the direct revenue and investment, employment and labor income that are associated with 30 hydrogen and fuel cell OEMs located in Connecticut, Massachusetts and  New York, as well as the region-wide multiplier effects supported by the purchases of businesses and workers related to the industry. The other five states in the regional cluster –that is, those without a hydrogen and fuel cell OEM –account for about four percent of the industry’s total employment impact.

Generation (Electricity) process of producing electric energy by transforming other forms of energy; also, the amount of electric energy produced.  This does not reflect capability, the maximum load that a generating unit, generating station, or other electrical apparatus can carry under specified conditions for a given period of time without exceeding approved limits of temperature and stress.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Development Plans, please contact abarton@ccat.us.

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